Party in the front, business in the backyard.

party in the front,

business in the backyard

Animal Party Inc. has been providing superior animal care to Denver, Colorado since 2015. The amazing people in this Colorado city love their pets, and want them to live their best lives. And that is exactly how Owner, Lauren Gundy feels, as well. When Lauren started Animal Party, she knew about the delicate balance of work and play, and where keeping our pets happy and healthy fit into that puzzle. When you have to be away, or just be at work, Animal Party can step in for you and love your pets like they are their own. You shouldn’t feel guilty for having to go to your job (where you obviously are just working to make your pet’s lives amazing), or take a vacation to a place where (Heaven forbid) your fur babies can not join. Animal Party takes the job of keeping your pets safe, engaged and delighted very seriously. Being a small business means that we are in constant direct contact with you; No informal apps, no guessing who your walker is, or having to wonder if they made it to take care of your pet at all. Animal Party stands behind their promise to give your fur, feathered or scaled babies the best care in the pet care business. Whether you need daily walks, in home care, or a hiking adventure, you can rest assured knowing that your animals are in the best hands and they are loving life. The Animal Party Team has a passion for pets, that is simply unparalleled. Lets create a personalize plan for your animals utmost enjoyment and health. Join the Animal Party Pack today - You babies will truly thank you!

A post jog hug leaves the pups all smiles!

A post jog hug leaves the pups all smiles!

Lauren is AMAZING- simply one of the best humans on this earth- her true connections with the pups is what every dog owner wants in doggie caregivers. She is very reliable and communicates with owners. I cannot recommend her enough! We feel lucky to be part of Animal Party!!

-Melissa W. (Mom to Champers, Greta and Cava)

Our Services


animal party offers a multitude

of services to suit

your pets specific needs

  • dog walks/jogs/runs

  • dog hiking adventures

  • cat sitting

  • horse care

  • pet taxi

    we provide a free “meet and greet” with you and your fur/scaled/feathered friend, before any service provided.

She has been caring for animals for years and is the best at what she does! True animal whisperer and loves them just as her own!
She’s the best person you could have to care for your furry friend!
— Katie V. (Mom of Jean-Claude, Onyx, Copper, Kit and Gizmo)

Animal Party rates


We are happy to walk, jog or run with your pup, depending on their age, ability and energy levels. Please let us know what is best for them, and we will tailor a Party that fits their specific needs.

*Milage fees apply for certain locations.

  • 0-5 miles = free

  • 5+ miles = .50/mile

    (All miles are calculated from you walkers home base/office.)

The more paws the merrier.

*Please add $2/extra pup friend.

We are happy to party with up to 3 pups per human. More than that ratio, in Animal Party’s opinion, does not give adequate care and attention to your fur baby.

We work holidays, so that you can Vacation stress-free.

Please add $5/visit on US Holidays

we can administer medication for your babies.

$5 medication fee per visit

daily Dog walks, jogs and runs

15 minute-“nature calls” $15

Your lucky pooch gets a quick, but quality, potty break check-in full of love and snuggles and access to a slice of green grass to take care of their business. This Party consists of a walk around a few blocks, a fresh water change, and lots of belly scratches and nose kisses.

30 Minute-“tail wagger” $21

The most pup-ular of all the deals. Here we will tailspin around your neighborhood for half of an hour. Potty time and exercise time all rolled up into one PAWsome adventure. As always, a water change, kisses on the forehead, and a snack or meal if you specify. Ahhhh feeling better already. Time for a nap.

45 minute-“happy pupper” $26

This is your doggo’s favorite deal. And it will be their favorite 45 minutes of the day; Well that is, until you get home! Here we will travel distances together close to your home, but far enough away to get that va-canine-tion feel. Your four legged cutie will be back to napping in no time, resting up to see you!

1 hour-“Lucky dawg” $31

Get ready to receive handshakes and high fives aplenty when you walk through the door after your long day. This full hour walk gives you friend a ton to smile about from ears to tail. Not only will they be pooped, but they may have actually gotten to do that twice! We will party for a full hour in your neighborhood, or even at a designated dog park, if thats an option. Your fluffy sidekick truly is one lucky dog with this package. WOOF!



30-Minute Daily Check-in

All Kitty Parties include:

  • Loads of Love

  • Endless Playtime

  • Chin Scratches, nose kisses, and Belly Rubs (when purrrmitted)

  • Liter Box Cleaning

  • Fresh Water Change

  • Feeding of Yummy Meals

  • Light Cleanup from Play and Mealtime

  • Any Additional Services (i.e. medication administration, mail, lights, watering plants)

*Milage charges may apply depending on location.

*Please add $2 for each additional kitty buddy.

*Medication Administration is $5/visit.

it’s about cat time

30 minute cat party - $20

This is the preferred package because it maximizes playtime and snuggle-time for your best kitty friend. Cats deserve, and are living their best lives, when they have at least 6 continuous minutes of hunt/prey driven playtime. This party will accomplish that and much more. Your kitty sitter will get down to your cats level and truly play with them. Please leave out their favorite toys, and let the party begin. After they are worn out, they will be given tons of love in the form of little massages, ear scratches and snuggles. With this deal, you will hear their purrs wherever you may be!

15 min. mini kitty party - $15

This is ideal for the cat friend who may live mostly outside, or who is just starting to trust humans in their space. A quick. but quality check-in with appropriate amounts of love and all the necessities.

Lauren is SO GREAT!! I’m a little nuts when it comes to leaving my kitties for a trip, but not once during my recent trip did I have to wonder if they were okay...Lauren sends picture and text updates daily!

-Ryan B. (Mom to Abby and Maximus)


2-3 hour hikes- $55

This awesome hike package provides awesome amounts of exercise and a break from the city. We will take your pup to a local hiking trail or open space where they will have the best day ever. Wait until they tell you about all the fun they had, if they’re not too tired napping the rest of the day.

Some of our favorite trails include:

  • Mt. Falcon

  • Matthews-Winters

  • Centennial Cone




*Milage included in all hikes.


Get outside

4-5 hour hikes- $75

Your pup will be delightfully exhausted after this amazing day out! We will cover some serious ground on a hike at a local trail and this will really get their willies out. And they will get an awesome car ride to boot! All the furry feels!

Some of our favorite trails include:

  • Bear Creek Trail in Lair O’ the Bear Park

  • Green Mountain Trail

  • Frazer Meadow Trail

Animal Party Purple Mountain Logo.jpg



Please contact us today to get your animal partying now. We always do a free meet and greet at your place to get to know your fur babies specific routine, preferences and story. We look forward to meeting you and your babies soon! thank you so much. with lots of love, tail wags and chin scratches!


 have no fear - Animal party is insured and bonded